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Road Transport

Hengcheng provides the safe and convenient road transport and courier transport services. In Qingdao and Ningbo, Hengcheng has many tanks and container transport fleet. All vehicles have complete, legal and effective procedures and insurance and been kept an annual regular maintenance to ensure the good operating condition, so they can meet the 24-hour requirement of long and short transportation. All drivers are professionally trained with the rich experience in tank transport, so they can guarantee the safety of transportation. They can transit general containers, tanks, refrigerated containers, LTL transportation and dangerous goods and feed back the information timely.

Cargo Insurance

Hengcheng provides a variety of insurance for customers, including transport by air, sea and land, warehousing and distribution.

Break Bulk

For special requirements of goods, which general container cannot meet the customers’ needs, Hengcheng is committed to meeting the customers’ needs and provide customers professional mode of transport, ship-chartering and other services.