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MSC revamps 2 Europe-US east coast loops to offer faster transits

Release time: 2018-02-07   Browsing:924次
MEDITERRANEAN Shipping Co (MSC) is to upgrade its MedUSEC and MEDGULF loops in March when both services will start offering faster transit times between Europe and US east coast ports.
The new MedUSEC service is expected to reach New York from the transhipment hub of Sines in seven days, reported American Shipper.
"Improvements to the MSC service will cut as much as four days from the time taken to reach key US east coast ports, such as Baltimore, Norfolk, Savannah and Charleston," MSC said.
The revamped MedUSEC loop removes calls at La Spezia and Boston and adds a new call at Tangiers. The revised port rotation is: Gioia Tauro, Naples, Leghorn, Genoa, Valencia, Algeciras, Sines, New York, Baltimore, Norfolk, Savannah, Charleston, Tangiers, Valencia and back to Gioia Tauro.
The carrier's MEDGULF service will add a call at Algeciras on the westbound leg and port calls at Miami and Algeciras on the eastbound leg to provide faster access to US ports.
The new port rotation for the MEDGULF is: Gioia Tauro, Naples, La Spezia, Barcelona, Valencia, Algeciras, Sines, Freeport (Bahamas), Port Everglades, Veracruz, Altamira, Houston, New Orleans, Miami, Freeport (Bahamas), Sines, Algeciras, Barcelona and back to Gioia Tauro.