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Dachser Korea moves to bigger office to meet growth

Release time: 2018-06-26   Browsing:1505次

DACHSER Korea has relocated to larger premises in order to lay the foundation for further expansion of its worldwide supply chain solutions.

The new 479 square metre office space sits on the 9th floor of the Sangjin Building in the centre of Seoul and can comfortably house the team today while leaving space for further expansion. Being conveniently located above the Hongik University station, it is easily accessible to clients, staff and other businesses.

The purpose of the move is twofold: One to accommodate the growing need for new talents and, secondly, to allow the expansion of air and sea freight, warehousing and value-added services. The company has grown from 35 employees in 2014 to 67 in 2017.

"In order to build upon the solid foundation we have laid in the last three years, it is necessary for us to continue building a high performing team positioning us for continued strong growth," managing director Air & Sea Logistics Roman Mueller said.