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Stop sailing, change of port of call skiover! The shipping company began to make efforts to cover the freight

Release time: 2023-08-23   Browsing:86次

Alphaliner said a total of 24 routes between China and Europe were cancelled in June and July. With the influx of new tonnage and a sufficient number of ships available, port hopping has become common practice.

In addition, the latest global container liner route tracking data from Drury shows that in the major east-west head trade: Between Week 33 (14 August to 20 August) and Week 37 (11 September to 17 September), a total of 32 cancellations were announced on THE Trans-Pacific, Trans-Atlantic and Asian-Nordic Mediterranean routes, with 10 cancellations announced by the Ocean Alliance, 7 and 3 cancellations by The THE Alliance and 2M Alliance, respectively. A total of 12 cancellations were announced on non-alliance routes.

On the one hand, the continuous decline of freight rates in the Asia-Northern Europe route market, on the other hand, the determination of shipping companies to push up freight rates, shipping companies have learned that they have to maintain high freight levels through capacity management! In addition, the shipping company CMA CGM has also issued a suspension notice on the Asia-Northern Europe route!