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Freight market:The U.S. East surged 14.9% in the week, while the U.S. West surged 20%

Release time: 2023-07-05   Browsing:228次
According to one shipping, citing the latest figures from the Shanghai Shipping Exchange:On June 30, the Shanghai export container comprehensive freight index was 953.60 points, up 3.2% from the previous period, of which the US-West route rose 20% in a week, and the US-East route rose 14.9%.
In the main east-west trade:Between the 27th and 31st weeks, a total of 40 flights were cancelled for trans-pacific, trans-atlantic and asia-nordic Mediterranean routes, representing only 6 per cent of the planned total of 674 flights during the period, sixty-five percent of the empty flights will take place on the eastbound trans-pacific route.
In contrast, the European line and the Mediterranean line continued to fall, and the freight rate per 20 feet of containers fell by $30 and $122, respectively.The industry revealed that freight rates are relatively high Mediterranean routes, attracting new ships, large ships continue to invest, haggling to drive down freight rates.