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Warning! Europe's most important waterway may face transportation disruptions due to low water levels.

Release time: 2023-06-27   Browsing:188次
According to One Shipping, despite the fact that the Rhine River, Europe's most important waterway, typically experiences its lowest water levels between August and November, the current water levels are already low enough to impact trade activities.
Barges transporting diesel fuel near the Kaub port can only be loaded to a maximum capacity of 60%, which could restrict supplies to upstream importing countries, including Switzerland.
Last August, extreme weather conditions caused water levels in critical sections of the Rhine River to drop to an unprecedented low. Local barge operators imposed cargo loading restrictions on the Rhine River and imposed additional barge fees of up to $800 per FEU (Forty-foot Equivalent Unit).
Subsequently, as the water level of the Rhine River further declined, the barges' capacity dropped to only 20-30%. This severely hindered the transportation along the Rhine River, a vital artery for Germany and other inland regions in Europe.
It is understood that this year, the prices for transporting fuel via barges on the river have soared. Currently, the transportation costs between Karlsruhe in southwestern Germany and the Netherlands are close to twice the five-year average level.