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Freight rates rise again! On June 1st, the shipping company levied GRI, BUC and PCC again.

Release time: 2023-05-10   Browsing:147次
Due to the still weak demand in Europe and the United States, the cargo volume did not pick up significantly, so that the shipment tide before the May Day holiday was not as expected. The original GRI price increase plan issued by the shipping company on May 1 lost support due to the market downturn, and the expectation of raising the freight rate of the United States failed again. However, after the May Day holiday, the shipping company successively announced the increase of the comprehensive rate surcharge, the imposition of BUC fuel fee and PCC Panama Canal surcharge from June 1.
On May 4, HMM’s official website announced that from June 1, 2023, it will increase the comprehensive rate surcharge for all services from origin ports to the United States, Canada and Mexico. On the same day, HMM’s official website announced that from June 1 to June 30, 2023, the fuel surcharge for all goods shipped to the United States, Mexico and Canada will be adjusted. 
On May 4, Hapag-Lloyd’s official website announced that due to the low water level of Lake Gatun, which caused serious draft restrictions for ships passing through the Panama Canal. Therefore, it will charge a Panama Canal surcharge PCC for all goods transported from East Asia to North America from June 1, 2023. Hapag-Lloyd said that the low water level of Lake Gatun may pose challenges to customers’cargo planning. The three loops of EC1, EC2 and EC6 on the east coast are affected by this charge. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the EC4 and EC5 loops on the east coast and the AA7 line from Asia to USEC.