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Bye!Hamburg Süd!The shipping industry no longer has that red hue

Release time: 2023-05-06   Browsing:246次

The latest report from Alphaliner states that the first batch of ships from Hamburg Süd have entered and exited dry docks. Currently, Maersk's unique blue hull paint has covered the famous red hull of German shipping companies, and the ships have been renamed with different hull markings. In addition, this ship has been painted with Maersk's new color design, and the font and seven pointed stars on the hull have been changed from black to white

In 2017, the Danish shipping giant Maersk acquired the German shipping company Hamburg Süd from the Oetker family of Germany for 3.7 billion euros. Since then, the name and bright red of Hamburg Süd has become a past tense style, but in the following years, Maersk has continued to retain the name and color of the German shipping company.

But in 2023, six years after Maersk's major acquisition, the name Hamburg Süd will no longer be used after Maersk chooses a brand restructuring to simplify its services to customers.