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The latest statistics on the new container capacity of shipping companies were released, totaling more than 7.5 million TEU

Release time: 2023-04-19   Browsing:232次

According to One Shipping, Bimco's latest statistics show that a staggering 7.54 million TEUs have been newly ordered by container shipping companies.

The new capacity is equal to the total capacity of the seven shipping companies "Wanhai + Exing + Yangming +HMM+ONE+ Evergreen + Heberot", which is equivalent to the global existing container fleet capacity increased by 28.9%。

According to Alphaliner's latest statistics, the world's ten largest shipping companies have ordered 5.55 million TEU of new shipping capacity. MSC, as the world's largest shipping company, also ranks first in the list of new shipping capacity, while Cosco Shipping ranks second in new shipping capacity. CMA CGM, a French shipping company, is also strong in capacity expansion and has purchased or ordered 100 new container ships. Although CMA CGM is far ahead of Cosco Shipping in terms of the number of new ships ordered. But the new order capacity is slightly less than that of Cosco Shipping, at 917,000 TEU.