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Freight rates keep falling! Due to the European line reduction part of the market is bursting, shipping companies to raise prices in April?

Release time: 2023-03-15   Browsing:136次
Affected by the weak global demand and economic downturn, major indices show that freight rates continue to decline. Just this past week, the European line because of the reduction factor, part of the market to the United States Gulf of Mexico area, including Houston, Mobile, Kansas and other burst phenomenon, shipping companies are expected to raise freight rates on April 1, the industry estimates that up to $ 200 per container, but whether the success will have to observe the subsequent shipping company to reduce the status of the class and cargo growth or not.
At present, the industry is concerned that the U.S. East route began to appear to make up for the decline. The industry insiders said that the basic price of the U.S. West to the bottom, the U.S. East and the epidemic before compared to the price of space to fall.