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Big deal! CMA is spending billions of dollars to buy two big container terminals in the eastern United States

Release time: 2022-12-14   Browsing:174次
According to One Shipping:On December 6, CMA CGM announced that it has signed a binding agreement to acquire two Container terminals at the Port of New York-New Jersey, GCT Bayonne and GCT New York, which are currently held by Global Container Terminal(GCT).
The Port of New York-New Jersey is a key entry point serving the supply chain region of the northeastern United States and is the largest port in the eastern United States.CMA said the two terminals, which currently handle 2m TEU a year, have the potential to expand further and nearly double their capacity. With plans to further develop shipping lines in the New York area, the group will significantly accelerate investment in the development of the two terminals, aiming to increase their combined capacity by 80 per cent over the next few years.