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Freight hard landing! Asia-Nordic freight fell to $1000 per case.

Release time: 2022-12-07   Browsing:219次
With the approach of the Chinese Lunar New year, there seems to be little container shipping companies can do to stop the rapid decline in container spot rates. 
Deluri's latest freight index, WCI, shows that Asia-Nordic routes have fallen by another 10 per cent in the last week. Although WCI's spot freight rate has fallen below the $2000 watershed, Loadstar last week received an unsolicited offer from a Chinese freight forwarder for $1000 per 40-foot container from all major Chinese ports to Felixstow, Southampton and London Gateway. 
Meanwhile, across the Pacific, the Freightos Baltic Index, (FBX01) from Asia to the west coast of the US has fallen 26 per cent this week, and spot rates have halved in the past two weeks.