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Shanghai: Full resumption of work and production from June 1!

Release time: 2022-06-01   Browsing:284次

On the afternoon of May 29, the press conference on Shanghai's epidemic prevention and control work announced and introduced the relevant information of the "Shanghai Action Plan for Accelerating Economic Recovery and Revitalization". 

Starting from June 1, the city will enter the stage of comprehensive and orderly resumption of work and production, and the restoration of normal production and life order. The approval and review of the resumption of work and production of enterprises will be cancelled, so as to serve the reasonable needs of enterprises to resume work and production, and promote industrial parks and office buildings. In order to speed up the full resumption of work, warehousing and logistics and other producer services and professional service enterprises should resume work, and support all enterprises that meet the requirements of epidemic prevention to resume work and production equally.

To unblock domestic and international logistics and transportation channels. Specifically, speed up the promotion of the use of nationally-recognized passports, improve the operation efficiency of inter-provincial transportation transit stations, promote contactless logistics, and improve the efficiency of freight traffic; accelerate the implementation of the state's freight support policies, and make good use of re-loan funds to support transportation Transportation, logistics and warehousing industry financing, etc.

Effectively help foreign trade enterprises to bail out, and focus on stabilizing the expectations and confidence of foreign trade enterprises: encourage port enterprises to reduce or exempt cargo storage fees for a specific period, encourage shipping companies to reduce or exempt demurrage fees within a specific period, and advocate port and shipping related enterprises to reduce or exempt foreign trade import and export related Logistics operation costs.