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Please pay attention to shipment! The Middle East's largest port bans imports and exports of dangerous chemicals! Violations will be punished!

Release time: 2022-05-11   Browsing:240次
The United Arab Emirates' Safety Industry Regulator (SIRA) has strengthened regulations banning or restricting the import and export of hazardous chemicals (DG) at Dubai ports.
With immediate effect, all such import/export activities must be approved by SIRA in advance, and shippers/consents must obtain and submit approval documents (SIRA approval) when making reservations, the shipping company Ocean Network Express (ONE) said in a notice.
This SIRA approval must also be attached to the booking registration form with other DGD, MSDS, etc. to avoid any problems when applying for approval from EHS.
Imports and exports without EHS approval will be considered a violation and will be punished accordingly, ONE said in a statement.
<Procedure for UAE DG imports>
1. When import/export goods are listed on the table (attached), shipper/consignee should prepare the SlRA approval document and provide it with the related documents (sample attached).
2.EHS approval must be obtained before the arrival of the IMP vessel.
3. When the cargo and importer/exporter details and the SIRA approval match, then loading the cargo can be confirmed.