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K+N signs startup to improve import efficiency

Release time: 2022-04-19   Browsing:341次

SWISS forwarding giant Kuehne + Nagel is working with Hamburg-based container logistics provider Flowfox to pilot a system to manage import-related equipment availability, reports IHS Media.
Flowfox provides software to help container lines automate the coordination of container releases from terminals and re-use of import containers for export loads, said the companies' joint statement.
Forwarders and consignees can use the platform for free to calculate real-time detention and demurrage costs, provide instructions about container delivery on carrier haulage moves - also known as door moves - and to convey changes on pickups and dropoffs, they said.
Flowfox CEO Patrick Pehmoller said he seeks to enable container lines to turn their import management departments from cost centres to profit centres by helping them move away from email.
By doing so, he said, forwarders and shippers benefit through enhanced efficiency related to container availability status and the payments required to release a container.
"The challenge is the manual processes," said Mr Pehmoller. "Communication is done by email and there is no transparency. So there is no clarity about when a container release is done, whether it has the bill of lading, or has been surrendered, or whether the terminal accepted the release, or if he box is available."
Said K+N vice president Markus Johannsen: "We see huge potential to largely automate the import processes with our ocean carrier partners and we are now starting to pilot the Flowfox platform in Europe with major ocean carriers with the aim to roll out.