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Jaxport beats box shortage by moving chicken breakbulk

Release time: 2022-01-19   Browsing:401次

JAXPORT terminal operator Enstructure has moved 4,500 tons of frozen poultry through Jacksonville in a single breakbulk shipment, reports the American Journal of Transportation.

The move was first poultry shipment through the port via breakbulk since 2015. The cargo, which was previously shipped via container through other US ports, shifted to Jacksonville.
The lack of container availability prompted frozen poultry to move through Jaxport's Talleyrand Marine Terminal.
"With the high cost and low availability of containers, the exporters needed to have another means of moving the poultry," said Brian Hubert, president of Ambassador Services International & Southeast Cold Storage at Enstructure.
"Going to the different container terminals was taking them roughly two to four weeks to get their cargo to the discharge ports. When we load, it's there in two days. We can do it more efficiently than containers with larger volumes, making it more cost-effective for our customers."
Dockers at Enstructure, at Talleyrand Marine Terminal, loaded the palletized chicken onto the 7,726-dwt reefer ship Green Guatemala en route to the Caribbean.
"Jaxport was an integral partner in making sure that cargo move was a success," Mr Hubert said.
"Businesses are looking for ways to get around the congestion at other US ports and move their freight as quickly as possible," said the port's cargo sales chief Alberto Cabrera.