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Record H1 air cargo volume handled at Anchorage airport

Release time: 2021-10-13   Browsing:416次

  ALASKA's Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) has handled record air cargo volumes during the first half of 2021, as its passenger numbers picked up.
  In the six-month period to the end of June, the hub processed 1.73 million tonnes of air cargo - a 23.45 per cent increase on the same period last year, according to London's Air Cargo News.
  The airport said it is expecting continued strength in air cargo traffic for the remainder of the year, particularly as "air cargo is about to enter its peak season".
  Jim Szczesniak, the ANC's airport director, explained: "E-commerce 'tech-celeration,' port delays and low product inventories are causing a significant increase in air cargo activity.
  "Our central location on the trans-Pacific trade lane, coupled with our efficient infrastructure and special transfer rights, have resulted in greater utilisation of ANC by shippers to maximise their air-cargo potential.
  "We are seeing a continued shift in supply chains from periodic, container-sized shipments via ocean cargo to more regular, pallet-sized shipments via air cargo. With more than US$1 billion in private sector cargo developments in the pipeline at ANC, we expect this growth trajectory to continue."