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Vaccination rate at HK container terminal over 90pc by end of August

Release time: 2021-08-25   Browsing:374次

    HONG Kong's front-line workers at the port's major container terminal in Kwai Tsing have been playing a vital role in maintaining the smooth flow of food, daily necessities, medical supplies and other goods into the city during the pandemic. The Hong Kong Container Terminal Operators Association (HKCTOA) says it has been implementing various measures to encourage front-line workers to get vaccination.

    "With these measures, the port has achieved an overall vaccination rate of 66 per cent for full vaccination and 87 per cent for having at least one dose as of August 20, 2021. It is expected that the vaccination rate at Kwai Tsing Container Terminals will continue to increase and exceed 90 per cent by end-August," the HKCTOA said in a statement.
    The association also said that to better protect the well-being of the front-line port workers, terminal operators will deploy vaccinated frontline workers and/or those subject to frequent regular COVID-19 testing to handle container vessels, and to avoid them from contacting with ship crew on board as far as possible.

   It said such measures are aimed at maintaining "a safe working environment for all the people in the container terminals, maintain smooth operations of the port, and help protect the community."The port sector will stay vigilant and take all kinds of precautionary measures during the course of delivering port services. We will continue to do our utmost to protect the way of life of our Hong Kong people."