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Fun Sports Activities

Release time: 2021-05-28   Browsing:560次

In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, enhance the communication between employees and enhance the cohesion of the company, the company held an interesting sports meeting in TIANAI badminton hall on May 22.

The tense relay race begins - the referee's timing starts, and each team member cooperates with each other to race against the clock for the relay game!

Look! I can catch the ball - everyone on the court fought bravely, the team-mates cheered, the score was tight, the game was wonderful!

Aim at the basket, we can do it !

Hengcheng family full of vitality

The fun games everyone actively participate in, warm-up games, each group with tacit understanding, badminton players agile, energetic shooting, shooting when everyone out of the magic, showing a scene of wonderful moments. The activity fully shows everyone's vitality and passion, and is full of joy while strengthening the body.