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The 15th anniversary activities –Being closer to nature,being more healthy!

Release time: 2020-08-07   Browsing:604次

As time goes by, Hengcheng International Supply Chain Co., Ltd. now is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Fifteen changes in the spring and autumn have witnessed Hengcheng's glorious history. The fifteen years of golden years have recorded the footprints of Heng adults' hard work and enterprising. Let us wish Hengcheng fifteen years old and happy birthday!

Interesting hand-made activities

See,we had a hand-made activity,we got much fun and excellent works!

Wearing Hanfu, learning ancient rituals, and feelling the charm of ancient traditional culture.

Great!we have a basketball team from today!

Team works make dream works!

The dinner begins

Started with a summary from our leaders

Eternal Persistence Will Lead To Future Success

The theme of this event is to embrace nature and get more healthy, allowing everyone to get closer to nature and feel the charm of nature. On the occasion of the anniversary, set up a basketball team to let everyone get involved.Everyone laughed and laughed at this event and enjoyed it all.

The 15th anniversary celebration has come to a successful conclusion. We believe that Hengcheng International Supply Chain Co., Ltd. will continue to move forward and write new glory in the journey of the new era.