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Hengcheng Badminton Competition

Release time: 2019-11-25   Browsing:915次

On November 16, the weather was fine, which was a good day for sports. All the employees of hengcheng gathered in the badminton hall for a sweated badminton match. During the competition, they always adhered to the principle of "exercise first and competition second", making the whole stadium full of laughter and laughter.

take a group photo to mark the occasion

Explain the rules before the game

Friendship first, competition second

Women's double

men's doubles

Everyone has a tacit understanding on the court, sweating, and feeling the physical and mental pleasure brought by the sport. Through this activity, we will reinvigorate everyone’s sports passion and let everyone exercise better in the spare time. At the same time, the event also
promoted exchanges between new and old employees, so that everyone can cooperate with each other in the follow-up work.