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The Fourteenth Anniversary Celebration of Hengcheng

Release time: 2019-08-02   Browsing:1071次

On July 27-July 28, the celebration of the 14th anniversary was held in Ningbo, Hengcheng International Supply Chain Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, and it has already experienced fourteen spring and autumn. For fourteen years, we have never been hesitating, we have grown together in the past fourteen years, and we have been able to work together and forge ahead together.

Ningbo Qiantang Lake Resort

The dinner officially began with the host opening

Speech by Chen Cheng, General Manager

Chen , chairman of the board of directors, delivered a speech.

During the dinner party, we all played the game of straw transmission ring.

Take a passenger boat tour of Ningbo Dongqian Lake scenery and impromptu sing a song

A group photo of Xiao Putuo, Dongqian Lake, Ningbo

In spite of only two days, we are still immersed in joy for a long time. This anniversary celebration, we visit Ningbo Branch, feel the working atmosphere of Ningbo Branch, Qingdao and Ningbo colleagues have further exchanges. In the process of the activity, we played  together, made a scene together, visited the Ningbo Museum, visited Ningbo Dongqian Lake Little Putuo, enjoyed Ningbo cuisine, and the anniversary celebration ended successfully in laughter.