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Focus on“Hengcheng” —The 2023 Munich TRANSPORT LOGISTIC

Release time: 2023-05-22   Browsing:175次

TRANSPORT LOGISTIC is held in Munich, Germany.  As the largest exhibition in the global logistics industry, Each session will be attended by logistics service providers, equipment manufacturers, research institutes and other professionals from all over the world .such as passenger transportation, freight, road, railway, sea transportation, and air transportation from around the world.Hengcheng, as a member of ITCO, participates in this exhibition.

Exhibition Highlights

Like our exhibition team, you're amazing

There is an endless stream of people in front of the booth, and both parties communicate and exchange ideas

The exhibition was held for 4 days, during which we showed Hengcheng's strength and professional service, attracting many visitors to stop and inquire.

Through this exhibition, not only improve the brand influence of Hengcheng, but also better communicate with customers and partners, laying the foundation for future cooperation. Hengcheng will uphold the integrity, innovation, cooperation, win-win concept, to achieve the "professional to build the most advanced global tank transportation technology and services" corporate vision and unremitting efforts!