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"Barter for Goods" public welfare activities

Release time: 2022-12-19   Browsing:222次

In life, we find that there are many objects around us, which are not long ago still very new but have lost their value to us. However, everyone's needs are different, and what doesn't make sense to you may be what someone else needs most. This needs to barter, each to get what they need, make full use of the goods at the same time, can also achieve the purpose of saving resources, low carbon environmental protection, produce the greatest economic and environmental benefits. On December 15, the company held a public welfare activity with the theme of "Barter for goods".

Barter is a very low carbon and environmental protection behavior. The exchange of used goods not only gives play to the use value of used goods and effectively uses resources, but also allows everyone to harvest friendship and give love while participating in the activity.

  This activity promoted a new concept of economical consumption, so that everyone can not only get what they need, but also save resources. At the same time, it promoted the unity among colleagues in the process of bartering.