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The 17th anniversary of Heng Cheng Pursuing the future through innovation and development

Release time: 2022-08-02   Browsing:403次

Beautiful scenery with the passage of time, Hengcheng has gone through 17 years, seventeen years, do not forget the original intention, dream forward;Seventeen years, unremitting, continuous exploration;Seventeen years, stand together through thick and thin, forge ahead;Seventeen years, hand in hand, create brilliant;We celebrate the 17th anniversary of Hengcheng, a total spectrum Hengcheng new poems!

To feel the influence of art, roam in the world of art.

The sea and sky are magnificent

Standing at the highest point of the city, you can overlook the beauty of the whole city from 360 degrees. You can feel the "sky City" in all directions, appreciate the red brick and green tiles, blue sea and blue sky from different angles.

Innovation and development pursue a dream for the future

The host opened and the dinner began

Mr. Chen Yong, chairman, made a speech

Mr. Chen Cheng, General Manager, delivered a speech

In the activity, each game was wonderful, everyone cooperated with each other, laughing and happy!

In this activity, Ningbo colleagues came to Qingdao celebrate the anniversary of Hengcheng, and we communicated with each other

Take out your mobile phone and shake it. The rich prize is waving to you

Heng Cheng Big family

Wind and rain into the seventeen years, concentric dream to win the future;Hand in hand to forge ahead, lofty aspirations and brilliant.We gather together, wish Hengcheng a more brilliant tomorrow.In the laughter of the anniversary of the successful end of the activities.