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Hengcheng International Supply Chain Co., Ltd. internal public training in the first half of 2022

Release time: 2022-06-29   Browsing:383次

The first half year public training has been hold in 25th Jun, a lecture given by Beijing DHH law firm lawyer Qiang and lawyer Liang focused on the prevention and control of legal risks in daily business. During the training, the two lawyers analyzed and explained the previous cases to make it easier for everyone to grasp.

The whole training took cases as the guide, popularized knowledge through cases, analyzed and explained the problems in cases. So that we can avoid such problems in the later business and make the business more smoothly.

The two lawyers’ explain was professional , the training was humorous, and they interacted with the staff frequently. At the end of the training, everyone was still immersed in it. We have benefited a lot from this training.