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Spring Excursion--Beach Activities

Release time: 2022-05-17   Browsing:406次

Spring is a kind of romantic coming from a long way, while sunshine is the best lighting board. The scenery is infinite good, and it’s time to have a spring excursion.

The sky is blue and the sun is warm. Working is not only limited to two points between the office and home, but also a variety of team building activities are involved. We held a spring excursion on May 14th, all of us relaxed well and communicated well with each other and enjoyed a good time during the activities.

The scenery of Laoshan is pleasant and the mood is colorful.

During free time, groups of three or five people played shuttlecock, chess, water floats, cherry-picking, and volleyball. Everyone felt happy and harmonious and showed their special prowess.

Drawing on our own labor to supply ourselves with adequate food and clothing. Homemade BBQ is extremely fragrant!

Do you still remember the game of throwing sandbags as a child?It’s full of memories of running back and forth quickly, and the cooperation among partners. Cheers came one after another, and the game was exciting throughout the game!

Hengcheng team is a lovely family.

This spring excursion made everyone not only relax after work, but also enhanced communication between new and experienced colleagues. What's more, it also allowed everyone to get close to the nature, experienced life, and enhanced environmental protection awareness. The sun is warm, the time is good, and we move forward all the way. The future can be expected. The team building activity was held successfully this time.