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Women's day news

Release time: 2022-03-14   Browsing:379次

In spring, all things shine. On the occasion of the annual "March 8th" International Women's Xay, in order to let employees have a healthy, happy, harmonious and warm Festival, the company held an activity with the theme of "flowers bloom in March, rotating health" on March 8th.

The tense hula hoop competition began - each group of players gave full play to their physical flexibility, played steadily and gave full play to their strengths

Hula hoop has a variety of rotation methods, and the audience has unlocked new skills. There are many cheers outside the stadium, and the game is wonderful!

Many favorite gifts, which belongs to me? Look forward to...

Everyone actively participated in this activity. The members of each group were passionate and energetic. When dancing the hula hoop, everyone showed strange moves and wonderful moments of highlights. The activity fully shows everyone's vitality and enthusiasm, and is full of joy while strengthening your body.