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Hengcheng 2021 Annual Summary Meeting

Release time: 2022-01-21   Browsing:326次

With the footsteps of the years, we walked through the spring and summer, through the autumn and winter, Heng cheng down-to-earth all the way, unity and enterprising, discharge countless wonderful. Hengcheng 2021 Annual Meeting is coming as scheduled. We are gathered together to celebrate the happy, relaxed and beautiful moment.

Mr. Chen Cheng, General manager, summarized the overall situation in 2021

Mr. Chen Yong, chairman of the Board, forecast Hengcheng 2022

Manager Zhai read out the list of winning employees in 2021

Thank you for your hard work in 2021

During the signing session, the photos of all departments were gentle, ambitious or inspirational, encouraging each other for the new journey. The whole signing session was surrounded by a lively atmosphere.

Due to the COVID-19, we could not meet our colleagues in Ningbo Branch offline. We raised our glasses together via video link and made good wishes for the New Year. We wish Hengcheng another brilliant year in 2022.

The dinner begins with the beautiful and handsome host

Amazing opening dance, curvaceous figure, a surge of emotion

Anti-fraud sketch, the inversion between routine and counter-routine, with white lies to save the cheated uncle, full of positive energy

Thanks to the handsome and beautiful for bringing us a visual feast

"Tomorrow and tomorrow, how many tomorrow?" No delay!

The game lottery link eyesight big test, we actively answer, the prize to take home

Heng Cheng's every innovation, every leap, are inseparable from everyone's efforts. We gather together, wish the New Year Hengcheng and create new brilliant. The activity was successfully concluded in everyone's laughter and conversation.