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The relocation of Hengcheng International Supply Chain Co., Ltd. ——Open a new era and build a new journey of dreams

Release time: 2021-12-23   Browsing:461次

On November 22, 2021, Hengcheng International Supply Chain Co., Ltd. moved to the 17th floor of Tower T2, Haitian Center, No. 48 Hong Kong West Road, Qingdao.

At the housewarming celebration, Chairman Chen Yong gave a congratulatory message on the housewarming, thanking all the leaders and industry colleagues of the Haitian Center for their support to our company, and hope that we will continue to work together in the later period to create a brilliant future. At the same time, affirmed the efforts of all departments of the company, and hope that all employees will grow together with the company and reach a higher level.

principal of Haitian Center explains the fire protection manual

The relocation not only creates a better working environment for employees, but also a sign of Hengcheng's confidence and strength to create better performance. Wish Hengcheng's business prosper and develop vigorously!

On the occasion of the company's relocation, We sincerely thank the customers, allies and industry organizations who have given the us great support for a long time. May we make progress together, open a new era, and build a new journey of dreams!