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Sixteenth anniversary of Heng Cheng

Release time: 2021-08-12   Browsing:564次

Today day sentient beings, the sun is shining; Today, there is love in the sea and thousands of waves are stacked. In this fruitful season, we welcome the long-awaited 16th anniversary celebration of Hengcheng. Thank you for meeting us and accompanying us all the way to growth.

We stand together through thick and thin. We walk through spring and summer, autumn and winter with the steps of the years. Hengcheng has made remarkable achievements along the way with our feet on the ground. On the occasion of 16 years, we gather together to celebrate this happy moment.

In the home party, we play games together to promote the communication and increase the tacit understanding between each other.

A fancy pool ball on a pool table; Games next to the race; KTV in the lingering sound; The game of brain power and acting among werewolves, seers and civilians in the chess and card room is a lot of fun.

How beautiful it is to have a rest after tea!

The beautiful and handsome host begins

We have our own company flag!

The green color of the flag represents the earth, which means vigorous vitality and indomitable vitality. Blue represents the ocean, on behalf of the company's industry, the name of the company in the earth means that the company tank business all over the world; Orange on behalf of sunshine, meaning constant glorious future。

A sumptuous dinner, fun games, everybody toast together, wish Heng Cheng a happy sixteenth birthday!

Heng Cheng    Family

Sixteen years of fire, sixteen years of string song ceaseless, sixteen years together in the same boat, hengcheng every step across, every surprise, is inseparable from everyone's efforts. We get together and wish a more colorful tomorrow. The activity was successfully concluded in everyone's laughter.