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Providing high quality, safe and efficient logistics and transportation service for domestic and foreign customers

Hengcheng International Supply Chain Co.,Ltd. was established in 2005, It has passed ISO9001 international standard certification ,has NVOCC  qualification, and is a WIFFA chief member and ITCO member. It has a strong agent network and tank business throughout the world. Not only the cost is low, but also it is faster in the approval process, which guarantees the service of shipping space.

Hengcheng is mainly engaged in domestic and international logistics services such as shipping, air transportation and inland transportation .It features chemical products, dangerous goods and import and export operations of its own tanks, Hengcheng has won the trust and support of its customers with its professional container tank, box operation level and rich transportation experience.

Hengcheng established the Ningbo branch in 2007 and expanded its operations in South China and Central China based on the advantages of Ningbo Port. The overseas agents of Hengcheng Development Cooperation have spread across all continents and formed a global service network.

Hengcheng also has sales department, operation department and tank management department. Hengcheng is based on high-quality talents and provides high-quality, safe and efficient logistics and transportation services for domestic and foreign customers with strict and scientific management.


  • 1)Tank Business

    According to the needs of customers and the nature of MSDS of goods, we will develop a safe, economical and fast logistics solution and provide professional and personalized services. In the field of liquid chemicals, dangerous goods and tank logistics, we can call it “tank transportation expert”.

  • 2)Chemical & Dangerous Cargo Operations

    With many years of experience in the operation of dangerous goods tanks, as well as professional technology and operation, we have strong advantages in the logistics of MDI/ISOPRENE/DIMFTHYL and other products.

  • 3)Sea freight, air freight & land transportation

    Hengcheng is committed to providing customers with quality shipping and air import and export services. The business covers the FCL, LCL, cargo insurance, commodity inspection, warehousing and transportation. Whether your goods are shipped domestically or shipped abroad, Hengcheng will provide you with the best service with professional operators and a comprehensive network of agents.

  • 4)Depot Service

    In order to provide the most excellent services for our customers, Hengcheng chooses the leading depots in this field to provide professional and high-efficient cleaning, maintenance, annual inspection and test service.

  • 5) Storage

    Hengcheng will provide the safe, economical, fast logistics solutions and provide Professional personalized service according to different MSDS nature of the cargo and the requirement of customers. Now, Hengcheng makes great achievement in liquid chemicals, hazardous cargo, tanks transportation, so Hengcheng can be called “the expert of tank transportation”.